Rubber Sheet

The Rubber sheet have many uses and are considered apt for flooring as well as roofing applications. Also, these offer good resistance to several substances such as oxidizing elements, oil & petroleum, ultraviolet lights etc.

Extruded Products
Extruded products we deal in are made without plasticizers. These are utilized to make siding, window, pipes and door profiles, blinds, fencing, interior profiles, sheets, etc.
Silicon Tube
Small tubes are widely used tubes, which are utilized to make thin walls with great flexibility. These are medium sized tubing, utilized to carry both liquids as well as powders. In addition, these are apt for air ducts as well as dielectric applications.
Rubber Moulded Products
The Rubber Moulded Products we offer are variety of purposes and are apt for industrial packaging. These are utilized to make tubing as well as other components such as seals and O-rings.